Contributions and thanks

While I was in Toronto as Subtitle member for the French multilingual team at NTDTV station, one evening, I had a dream in which it would be nice to have a bridge between the finalcut software and open formats such as the srt (subrip). The next day, I met a Chinese computer scientist named Paul  (of which I unfortunately lost track), aka RunWiser who had also had the same idea.

He then created a web conversion interface between the subtitling and the filecutpro.xml,  It was available on its website at the time.

He accepted my request to give me the code source, of which I didn't really understand at the time but who, thanks to his gesture and the current contributions, will allow us to go further .I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to the authors of software such asAegisub et SubtitleEdit (Many thanks to Nikse for adding the format at this time in his editor!) and to report that if there hadn't been on a station macintosh, the management driver to read and write ntfs partitions It would have been very hard to import the subtitles generated in France of the series a decade of courage..JI had made a compromise, going partition into exfat, which later turned out to be unstable.