About the new website

In September 2019, the frontpage changed and the initial content media has been deported to http://media.sos-productions.com to add new sections and a better interactivity. The site has a look more professional since a self-managed company was born by drawing a atypical career with the fansub team in 2005  and in 2011-2012 at NTD Television , a free television company that is delivering uncensored information about what is happening in China among them chinese traditional forbidden to chinese. This includes the hilgh level Qi Gong called Falun Gong, good people regardless of their race or religion who want to be free of propaganda like the Uighur, Tibetan religions, Christians: humanity is targeted and the Chinese people are dying...

I therefore found it more than urgent in this situation to broadcast not not only my creations but also the special tools and techniques that I never revealed and that allow me to subtitle more quickly the videos whose content should be relayed the most quickly possible in as many languages as possible because it contains a SOS signal to the whole world. At the time at the station of New Tang Dynasty Toronto, in the face of an environment of macintosh, coming in with my PC, if I hadn't discovered the existence open software made freely by des contributors, I couldn't have made my contribution to the building blocked by technology.

Later, to subtitle the series of Travel in the World,   I was confronted with the same problem to get my subtitles accepted .ass/.srt with software vegaspro from sony who imprisoned the subtitles in a proprietary format, saved with software import working only 30 days... Many times I have lost time to wait to get the clean videos before starting subtitling, because on the one hand the teams were already overloaded and the encoding stations taken over. Those with publishing software have no choice due to expensive license, requiring advanced skills. At that moment I understood one thing,   I realized that if we want become free, cross-platform free software is MANDATORY. so that the information passes and is no longer blocked by technical and time constraints.

That is the challenge I will try to meet. I therefore invite those who those who want to immerse themselves in the world of subtitling and video to contribute and reinforce the message of peaceful resistance and to be interested in the traditional Chinese culture that allows us to to free up lies and understand why it came to this and who we really are.

It is at this point that we will address it together and impact the whole world.

                                                                                                         Olivier LUTZWILLER, founder and director of programs of sos-productions